Digital Middlebury is a resource for faculty, staff, and students across all of Middlebury’s academic programs and offices. We are comprised of three specialized groups, each with their own skills and resources. However, depending on your project, your research or development goals, and your approach to your work, members of each of these teams might be assigned to help you.

Office of Digital Learning

The Office of Digital Learning (ODL), part of the Office of the Provost, provides pedagogical and design support for faculty and staff across Middlebury. Their focus is on being “partners in pedagogy,” and they build relationships that encourage projects to grow, to iterate, to change, to be reimagined. ODL has a deep investment in Middlebury’s digital future.

Academic Technology Group

The Academic Technology Group (ATG), housed in the Davis Family Library, provides consultation and support for faculty and students involved in academic projects that utilize technology. Their focus is on the use and development of technology to advance the teaching, learning and research of faculty and students at Middlebury College.

Digital Learning Commons

The Digital Learning Commons (DLC), located on the Monterey, CA campus, empowers the MIIS community to pursue academic excellence, professional and organizational effectiveness, and digital media fluency. Their focus is on providing students, faculty, and staff with training opportunities, technological resources, and collaborative spaces to facilitate peer-driven teaching and learning.

Meet Your Digital Middlebury Team