About Zoom

The Zoom videoconference platform is a flexible, easy-to-use alternative to many webinar platforms (like Adobe Connect). Through Zoom, we can connect with one another for meetings, quick conversations, classes, seminars, and more.

One of the best things about Zoom is its simplicity. Every Zoom user is given a personal Zoom “room” (a unique URL) which they can use to call meetings or bring their classes together. And every Middlebury employee can have full access to Zoom, simply by signing in with your Middlebury credentials.

But Zoom is more than just a videoconference platform. Think about it as a window into a new level of collaboration with the whole Middlebury community. Using Zoom, you can easily work together with people on the East and West coasts, in countries abroad, or even from office to office, living room to living room. Zoom can help you remove the boundaries on collaboration often created by physical location.

Get to know Zoom, and change the way you work.