Canvas Learning Management System



Canvas is Middlebury’s learning management system, and can be provisioned using CourseHub.

Canvas allows you to:

  • Conduct online, asynchronous discussions with your students;
  • Provide feedback and post grades for assignments;
  • Upload documents, videos, audio files, and more;
  • Post deadlines and reminders through the calendar and announcements;
  • Manage group work assignments;
  • Connect via video conference with individual students, a whole class, or guest speakers.

A fully online orientation to Canvas (Canvas101) is available here. You can self-enroll in the orientation, review it at your leisure, and return to it when you need to.

Instructure, the makers of Canvas, provide video tutorials for the learning management system on their YouTube channel.

The Davis Family Library Mediawiki has several pages dedicated to Canvas as well.

Logging into Canvas

Middlebury faculty, students, and staff can log into Canvas using their Middlebury credentials (username and password). Middlebury’s Canvas is located at

Creating a Site

Faculty can create Canvas sites from the  Course Hub. Please note that sites created through the Course Hub will NOT be available students until the site is published. (see: Setting up a Site below)

1. At the Course Hub log in and click on the manage resources button to the left of each course listing.

Manage resources.JPG

2. Click on the add a resource button:

                         Add a resource.JPG

3. Choose Canvas from among the different options available:

4. By default your Canvas site will be created as unpublished to give you a chance to add content before students can see it.

Once you are ready to give students access, you can publish the Canvas site by going to your Canvas site and clicking the publish button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Please note that you will also need to publish the components that you are using (for example: Modules, Quizzes, Pages, etc.)